About Us

Everyone who keeps a cat or plans a decision knows that it`s not easy to find this `one and only`. Relationship between man and a cat is similar to humans.

My adventure with cats began in August 2012, I must say there was no doubts about race. Reading books and talking with cattery holders assured me that British Shorthair was the best choice for me. I tried to search my ideal Bri and I found it. When I saw Idyll for the first time I knew she waited especially for me. I decided to have a breeding cat female, what allowed to start my cattery.

DSC_1217 Nechama*PL has been established in 2013 in Felis Polonia after few weeks spent with Idyll. After some time our cats family became bigger, Idyll had three beautiful kittens and one of them stayed with us.
Now I have two charming cats with amazing silver tabby coat.

Bringing up kittens I put an emphasis on their socialization, which involves preparing them to everyday life .

This way our kittens are growing up friendly and confident for people. I try to teach them good manners and how to communicate with people. I want them to bring happiness and harmony to Your life.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility so I expect treating cats with respect and understanding of their nature and behavior.

Cat is an amazing animal, if You build emotional relationship with it, You will get a real friend, a friend for life.

Małgorzata Warmijak

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